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An Actual Survey of the Provinces of Bengal, Bahar & c. by Major James Rennell, 1776. Geographicus Rare Antique Maps (Wikimedia Commons).


Partition Studies Quarterly welcomes contributions that engage with the Partition narratives of Northeast India within the larger discourse of the Partition of India. As a peer-reviewed online journal, we accept research papers and articles that are both academic and journalistic in style, which will have to meet the rigorous criterion of the editorial board. Apart from researched essays, we have sections that will include excerpts, interviews and visual notes, both historical and contemporary.
  1. We are an online quarterly journal, with volunteer editors. Please submit all material through email to
  2. For essays and other written work, the word limit is 2000-5000 words. Please send as an attachment in MS Word format (doc. docx. only) and include the article title and a short abstract (150 words), short bio (100 words) and contact information. No PDFs will be accepted.
  3. For research papers, citations and references should be at the end of the essays/articles (as Endnotes) and all sources should be verified. If there are images/illustrations to supplement the text, requisite permissions should be acquired (from original sources) if they do not belong to contributors.
  4. For visual material (illustrations for essays/articles, archival documents and photographs, artworks, curatorial projects), the size of images should be of 150-300 resolution in jpeg format. These should be accompanied with captions (title, medium, year and image credit) including permission from sources.
  5. Submissions should not have been sent for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by the editorial board. Contributors should clarify if their papers have been published in other versions before submitting to our journal.
  6. We are a small editorial team and request all contributors to follow our submission guidelines for easier processing. We cannot assure that all submissions will be published and decisions are based on editorial consideration.
  7. We will acknowledge receipt of contributions immediately over email, and will take all efforts to read and consider submissions. Contributors can hear from us in two months from the submission date if their work is accepted for publication.
  8. Copyright of all published material on our journal remains with the contributors. If this material is later published on other print journals or websites, we would appreciate an acknowledgment to Partition Studies Quarterly.
  9. For any reproduction of published material from our journal, permissions should be taken from the author/contributor. The editorial board should be notified of the author’s approval through a soft copy prior to any reproduction.
  10. As a new journal whose effort is voluntary, we are presently unable to pay our contributors. We are garnering financial support and hope to offer honorariums in the near future.